dBA Monitor is a PC based sound level meter ready to turn your windows base computer into a precise measurement instrument. it will allow you to measure, record and display noise level (dB A, dBC, LAEQ1s, LCEQ1s, LASMax) and a plot of last hour levels.

dBAMonitor is the sensor software used in our eRuido Noise Monitoring Solutions, so it is a professional and certified software wich can run as a type 1 or 2 sound level meter in compliance with IEC61672.

You can use dBAMonitor as a Sound level meter, sound level display or online noise monitoring solution. if you dont have a measurement microphone to connect to your PC, just check out our Microphones section to get one.

You can customize application colors, plot time span, logo image so it will look alike with your corporate look and feel!


Use dBA Monitor at schools, industries, noisy neighborhoods, dance floor, airports or at any place where proper acknowledge of noise levels is required or suggested.


dBA Monitor will store text files with a list of records, storing time and sound pressure level at 1 second interval. for a predefined time until closing and creating a new file. Datalogging files are easy to read or plot by any spreadsheet software. If you set your cloud file folder as target for datalogging files, it will be automagically available at your favorite cloud provider. The same can be done for wav audio recordings. 

dBAMonitor can write directly to a SQL Server or ODBC compatible database from where you can write your own report or applications. For dBAmonitor licensed users, we provide a basic application with open source code examples to start building on your own.


dBA Monitor need you to adjust offset to perform a calibrated measurement. So a microphone with a compatible calibrator is highly suggested. You may do a non professional calibration using some other sound pressure level meter with a stable noise source and match both measurements.

Measurement range wil depend on both microphone and sound card self noise. We suggest you to use a measurement USB microphone like Umik-1, Dr Jordan ATD4 or our own USB measurement microphone wich we will launch during 2018 last quarter. Stay tunned for that !!


Sound card or microphone should be able to sample sounds at 48KHz.

Software user interface is English but we will have Spanish translation by the end of 2019.


Upgrades does not need a new registration. You will be entitled to upgrades for 2 years since you buy yiour license.

dBAMonitor can run with no license for 24 hours. The you will have to restart it manually. Licensed version will allow you to change look and feel, product logo and some other features, but esentially if you use dBAMonitor without a license you will have a full featured software that can run for 24 hours.


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