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Our solutions will help you better fight noise in public areas, industrial plants, port sites, race tracks, transportation systems, and any place where the noise control measures must be taken.

Since 1992 we build instruments and software for noise and hearing loss measurement, studies and  analisis.

Our clients includes prestigious acoustic consultants and enviromentalists among many industrial and community clients facing diferent noise generated problems.

Our solutions are simple, stable and cost effective to reach your goals in record time with warrantied quality and results.

We operate our own big data platform at Tier III Datacenter in Santiago de Chile. Where we have our lab, production and Head Quarters.

Or C++, SQL, ASP/PHP/JAVASCRIP code have been running for some 25 years now, for wich we are proud. Now in this Internet of Things driven world, we feel at home. We put  our first online noise system by 1996. Some of this code is still running inside dBAMonitor, eRuido, Web Reports, and many other products we made.

We would be glad to hear what your needs are. Please feel free to send us a contact form or just  give us a call. GMT -4 office hours.





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